July 18, 2019

Hustlenomics, EPISODE 43, inside the life of a designer

My first guest feature on a podcast is live, and the nerves are REAL. 

 Katie Eaker, Founder of Modern Darling Media and host of the Hustlenomics podcast chats with inspiring top female creative entrepreneurs from across the U.S. diving deep into their stories, struggles, experiences, and life lessons - and I can announce that I too am one of those women.


I am the owner and designer behind L. Rae Design. After attending college for Fine Art and Communication Design, I moved almost 500 miles south to the Outer Banks of North Carolina and quickly started my career as a project manager for a renowned underwater photographer. I honed my design, consulting and social media skills, regularly working with national and international companies before moving to Upstate New York and going out on my own.

I currently work with clients in all sorts of creative capacities. I regularly strategize, plan and guide them toward their brand goals. I’m the social media manager for three national brands. Being a podcast guest should be a breeze, right? Yes and no. I’m confident in my skill and experience, however, I’ve never broadcasted this advice. I’ve never discussed my own story. I’ve never talked through business ownership or publicly acknowledged the fear and insane level of work that goes into running a creative business... until now. 


Hustlenomics, episode 43 ‘Inside The Life of a Designer’ was officially set into motion. The fear of failure was at the forefront of my mind. Still, I wanted to contribute to a broader audience and deliver a perspective that wasn’t rehearsed, filtered or fabricated.


If you're new to business ownership - press play. If you’re trying to develop unique practices to secure new customers - press play. If you need extra reassurance that you're on the right path - PRESS PLAY. This is an opportunity for you to hear me share advice that I've never shared with anyone outside of my L. Rae Design community.


- Embracing fear

- The actions any new business owner should be taking and the fundamental steps to reach your goals

- Attracting new clients after relocating your business to a new state

- How I successfully work and manage clients all over the United States 

- Ways to avoid social media fatigue

- Why boundaries set you up for success 

And so much more...

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lauren's guest feature